School Age Ninja

Olympia’s mission is to build Happy, Healthy, Confident children while creating avenues of success through movement, ninja, and gymnastics. Our ninja program not only focuses on the physical benefits, but also on social benefits, cognitive benefits, and character benefits. We encourage children to develop confidence by becoming aware of their capabilities and striving to reach their full potential.

Level 1

Class length: 50 minutes

Kids 1st grade and up will learn initial skills and conditioning needed to build a strong foundation in ninja.  They begin learning to transition with constant movement and complete individual obstacles. Ninja tumbling and use of our specialized ninja equipment is part of each fun-filled class.

Skills to master in this level include:


  • Ninja skills on our specially designed ninja equipment
  • Safety rolls and safe landings
  • Tumbling
  • Strength, coordination, and agility

Level 2

Class length: 50 minutes

Once basic skills are met from level 1, athletes will work on more challenging drills and obstacle combinations at this level.

Skills to master in this level include:

  • Safety rolls and safe landings
  • Cat grabs
  • Wobble board
  • Shimmies
  • Handstands

Level 3 

Class length: 50 Minutes

At this level, students are truly starting to harness their body awareness and strength as they tackle more challenging obstacles.  This combined with increased determination, endurance, and flexibility will help them become stronger ninja athletes.

Skills to master in this level include:

  • Front tucks on trampoline
  • Ninja rings
  • Balance stones
  • Laches


Level 4

Class length: 50 Minutes

At this level, students will utilize their strength and skills to maneuver through more challenging courses.  They will have to hang a little longer and push a little harder. They are strengthening their ability to analyze the physical and mental challenges in the sport of Ninja.

Skills to master at this level include:


  • 180 precision turns
  • Balance pipe role
  • Combining more skills together
  • Rope climb with arms only

Level 5

Class length: 50 Minutes

Students move to this level to work at finessing their style and technique.  They are challenged with advanced obstacle combinations, including longer courses and greater trials of strength.  They also will have more autonomy of what skills they want to focus on.

Skills taught in this level include:

  • High level obstacle course training
  • Wall spins
  • 180 turns on bars and beams
  • Transition and technique refinement