Homeschool Classes

Private Lessons are a wonderful way for your child to work on specific skills that are needed for advancement on a one-on-one basis and some students enjoy focusing on the challenge of new skills. Our professional staff have worked hard in gaining the knowledge and skill sets necessary to instruct in such a way that can be valuable to the students who are eager to learn more. If you are interested in Private Lessons, please contact one of our locations or your favorite instructor. Click here for the printable Private lesson policy.

Setting Up The Lesson & Lesson Times

The parent is responsible for contacting the instructor of their choice. It is the instructor’s responsibility to arrange a lesson time with the parent. The lesson can be scheduled any time that is agreeable to both the instructor and parent, provided that the private lesson will not interfere with any regularly scheduled classes or other scheduled activity and appropriate supervision is in place.

Cancellation Or Changes To Lesson

It is the parent’s responsibility to call the Instructor to change or cancel a Private Lesson. When possible, please call a few days in advance so the instructor is notified in time to schedule other arrangements. The instructor is responsible for contacting the parent if he/she needs to make changes.

Eight Hour No Show Policy

In the event a student is unable to attend the Private Lesson, please notify the instructor no less than 8 hours before the scheduled lesson. Failure to do this will result in full payment due. This policy is necessary for the instructors to schedule their time around the private lesson.

Private Lesson Fees

Each instructor will establish their own private lesson fees within a prescribed range established by the gym. Depending on the instructor, private lesson fees will vary from $27.00 – $35.00 per 30 minutes. Typically, the cost will increase depending on the length of the lesson (45 minutes – 60 minutes).

Payment Procedure

Private lessons are to be paid for at the time of the lesson. Payment information should be written on a payment slip and stapled to the check or charge slip. Consistent private lessons can be paid monthly before the monthly lesson begins. Parents are responsible for this payment system.