The kindergarten gymnastics program, aka the KinderBees is designed for girls and boys entering Kindergarten (ages 5 & 6).

Our curriculum is designed to stimulate learning through fun for each child. We strive to create a healthy and enjoyable experience that your child will look forward to week after week. Kindergartners enjoy bigger challenges and more independence than our younger gymnasts, so we make sure to foster these great traits. This class focuses more on skill development and builds on the skills they have been learning such as handstands, cartwheels, bridges and more! They develop a broader understanding of gymnastic basics, and continue to develop their coordination, agility, strength, power, balance and self confidence. The Kindergarten program concludes with a KinderBee Graduation in May. Children going into first grade graduate from the KinderBeeBee Program to start the progressive program in the summer.

After Kindeergarten they move into the progressive program. We have classes meant for Girls or Boys looking to improve their gymnastics.