Homeschool Classes

This program is a unique programs that offers homeschool families an alternative to your child’s physical education classes. Gymnastics offers overall body fitness, coordination development, and helps build confidence. This makes for a unique combination that is not easily matched by any other sport.

Our home school gymnastic classes are offered for all children ages 3 and up regardless of past experience. We have exciting classes for every child at every ability level (including competitive team).

Upon entering our program, your child’s progress is closely monitored by highly trained professionals to assure his/her safety and proper placement into the appropriate class level. Our thorough communication with you and your child insures his/her enjoyment and development through the great sport of gymnastics. Our designed freedom of movement through our class levels (students can change classes anytime throughout the year as determined by their instructor) provides you the assurance that your child will be challenged both physically and mentally on a consistent basis.

Our instructors and staff are experienced and professional. Our staff participates in continuous training and education in order to better serve your child. Since gymnastics is a year-round sport, we have made it a point with our programs to be easily accessible to new enrollees at anytime during the year.