Available Classes

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Tumble Bee Program (Toddler-5yrs) 

Our preschool gymnastics classes are designed for girls and boys ages toddler through kindergarten. Our curriculum is designed to stimulate learning through fun for each child and to create a healthy and enjoyable experience that your child will look forward to week after week. The curriculum addresses each child’s age, developmental stage, and gymnastic ability. Our Preschool gymnastics instructors are highly imaginative, well-trained individuals who continually bring knowledge, energy, and fun to the program. Classes are filled with exciting props and colorful equipment that is designed to excite the child’s young mind and body.

KinderBees (Ages 5-6)

Kindergartners enjoy bigger challenges and more independence than our younger gymnasts, so we make sure to foster these great traits. This class focuses more on skill development and builds on the skills they have been learning such as handstands, cartwheels, bridges and more! They develop a broader understanding of gymnastic basics, and continue to develop their coordination, agility, strength, power, balance and self confidence. The Kindergarten program concludes with a Kindergarten Graduation in May.

As children going into first grade graduates from our Tumble Bee Program to start the progressive program in the summer. 

Girls Gymnastics Classes (1st Grade – Teen)

The philosophy behind our Girl’s Gymnastics program is to encourage children to develop confidence, become aware of capabilities, and strive to their potential. We provide progressions and skills for Beginner gymnasts through level 4. We have a very specific curriculum using the latest USA Gymnastics guidelines and progressions. Our curriculum includes floor exercise, balance beam, uneven bars, vault and basic dance. We review our curriculum each year and make changes according to USA Gymnastics revisions, updates, etc.

Boy’s Gymnastics Classes (1st Grade – Teen)

Our Boy’s Gymnastics program is available to boys, first grade and up, regardless of past experience. Classes help to build coordination, self confidence and strength, particularly upper body strength. The sport also increases flexibility and kinesthetic awareness. We have exciting classes for every boy at every ability level (including competitive team). Gymnastics is one of the most challenging sports in the world, but it is also a stepping-stone to great success in other sports. Many great athletes in several other sports owe their success to a foundation built in gymnastics.

Ninja Classes (Age 4 – Teen)

Our Ninja Program is available to boys and girls, ages 4-19 years, regardless of past experiences. Classes help to build coordination, self-confidence, and strength; particularly upper body strength. Our Ninja program develops physical fitness while enriching self-worth as the students learn new skills in a fun and safe environment. Ninja training is a combination of gymnastics, obstacle course training, physical fitness, and martial arts kicks. Class levels and special events may vary per gym location.

Cheerleading (1st Grade – Teen)

Our exciting and rewarding cheer classes are designed to teach your child all aspects of the incredible sport of cheerleading. Students in these classes will work on tumbling, stunting, jumps, motions, technique, etc. to help them reach their full potential in this great sport. Our cheer tumbling classes focus on the tumbling skills needed in today’s challenging cheerleading performances. All levels of cheerleaders (beginner through college) will benefit from our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Locations that offer cheer will vary.

Flipz! Tumbling Classes (1st Grade – Teen)

Our tumbling classes are offered for all girls and boys, regardless of past experience. We have exciting classes for every child at every ability level. Upon entering our program, your child’s progress is closely monitored by highly trained professionals to assure his/her safety and proper placement into the appropriate class level.

Competitive Team Girls (1st Grade – Teen, Based on Skill Level)

Competitive gymnastics is one of the most challenging and rewarding sports. The life lessons learned during a competitive gymnastics career are continuous and invaluable. Our philosophy for our team program is one of excellent basics, form, technique, conditioning, and flexibility. We believe that a strong foundation will lead to a safe, continual, and smooth progression from one skill to the next. Our competitive team consists of non-sanctioned local and USAG sanctioned teams.

Competitive Team Boys (1st Grade – Teen, Based on Skill Level)

The sport of gymnastics is truly one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences for any child. The strength and flexibility that your son will develop through this great sport are invaluable. Many great athletes in many sports owe their success to a foundation in gymnastics. Our competitive team currently consists of Levels 4-7.