At what age can my child start gymnastics classes?

Our classes start as young as age “1” (must be walking) with our Parent & Tot program which includes parent participation. Classes for students only, begin at age 3.

How many students are typically in a class?

The number of students in a class varies per age and program. Our parent participation classes run 10/1 ratio, 3 -4 year olds run typically 5/1; pre-kindergarten run 6/1 ratio and KinderBee classes run 7/1 ratio. Our girls and boys instructional classes (ages 1st grade and up) averages 8/1 ratio per instructor. Our ninja instructional classes, 4-6 year olds run typically 6/1, our ninja classes (ages 1st grade and up) averages 7/1 ratio per instructor.

How are classes typically run?

All of our classes begin with a warm up and stretch. Students will learn basic body positions which are the building blocks of our sport. After warm up, students rotate to 3 to 4 different Olympic events, during this time the children will review skills learned in previous weeks and will be introduced to new skills.

These include for girls: Floor, Vault, Bars, Beam and Trampoline These include for boys: Floor, Vault, Bars, Rings, Trampoline and Pommel Horse

Can parents stay and watch or come into the gym?

YES! We have lobby area with viewing windows from which you can see most of your child’s class. However, there are some areas of the gym that are not as visible because of structural walls and supports. Unless your child is in a parent participation class, our insurance mandates that parents are not allowed in the gym during class times.

What is the proper attire for gymnastics class?

We recommend girls wear a leotard or elastic waist shorts and t-shirt. The boys are required to wear elastic waist shorts with no buttons, buckles or zippers. Jewelry of any kind is not allowed in the gym. It can be dangerous to students, instructors and can damage the equipment. Students participate bare foot and with bare legs. No leg tights please. Hair that obstructs vision must be tied back; this is for the safety of the student.

What are the RULES for gymnastics class?
  1. Please be on time for class. This is extremely important. We do warm-ups, take roll, cover safety rules and explain special announcements.
  2. Regular attendance is important – Gymnastics is a sport that uses progressions to build skills and missing classes may cause your child to fall behind the rest of the class.
  3. Students only in the gym – Only participating students are permitted in the gym area during class time (unless otherwise instructed).
  4. Students are not allowed on any of the equipment before or after their class unless supervised by an instructor.
  5. Parents are asked not to converse with the students while in a class situation.
  6. NO food or gum is permitted in the gym workout area.
What do I do my first day of gymnastics?

On your first day of class, notify the office you are attending for the first time. Find a cubby to place all your belongings (jacket, shoes, socks, loose clothing etc) then please wait in the lobby until your name or group is called by the instructor. Have FUN!

If my child misses a class, how and when can I schedule a make up class for them?

Make-ups are a privilege that we are happy to offer, however not a right of our customers. We will make every effort to help you find a make-up class, but they are subject to availability. Make-up classes must be scheduled within 30 days of the missed class. Make-up classes for vacations or pre-planned absences may be made up before the missed class. We do not issue refunds for any missed classes. If you notify us that your child will miss a class, you may make up in our open gym free of charge. Make up policy may vary by location.

To whom do I address my questions regarding instruction?

You can speak to any of our office staff at Olympia during office hours. Our office can be reached by phone or by e-mail (see locations contact page on website).

Can I start a class after the month commences?

Joining a class after the month begins is no problem, as long as there is a vacancy; tuition will be pro-rated relative to the starting date.

Can we choose any class we want during the week or do we have to commit to one day and time?

You must commit to a day and time so that we can maintain safe class sizes and so your child experiences a consistent class experience. If you need to change classes our office staff will assist you to make adjustments. We do not encourage changing classes frequently as it may interfere with the speed at which you child learns.

How do I register for a class?

Registration is available in person, online, or by phone. Payment is expected at time of registration for classes, camps, and special activities. As you are registering, you will need to enroll in our AutoPay system where you will be required to enter and save a credit/debit card number allowing us to automatically charge your tuition on a monthly basis and membership fee when it is due. Payment options include MasterCard, Discover, VISA, American Express, debit card, check, or cash.

AutoPay will charge your credit/debit card, that is on file (saved in your account), each month on the last business day of the month for the next month’s tuition and Membership Fee if due. You will receive an email reminder one week prior to your card being charged. We do not send confirmation of class times.

Our office staff can assist you with appropriate levels and times or answer any questions you may have regarding our online process. All tuition fees will be adjusted based upon when you enroll during the month. Coaches are available to do evaluations for a student who may have had prior experience. Please call our office and set up a convenient time. Coaches are available to do evaluations for a student who may have has prior experience.

Why do I have to pay a registration fee?

The registration fee defrays administrative costs; sales tax required by law and covers a portion of our liability insurance cost. This is due upon initial registration and on your anniversary date thereafter. We do provide a family discount rate that covers each person in the immediate family for twelve (12) months. For individual students, the cost is $45.00 per year and $61.00 for families with two or more children.

Do you offer a discount for families?

YES! Families with multiple children participating in our programs receive a 20% discount off the second child’s tuition, 30% discount off the 3rd child’s tuition and 50% off discount on the 4th child & 5th child. Some discounted classes or special programs are not eligible. Please see our office staff so they may assist you.

Do you offer a multiple class discount?

YES! If a student participates in multiple classes in the same program, he/she will receive a discount on the 2nd class. Some discounted classes or special program are not eligible. Please see our office staff so they may assist you.

Do you offer a multiple program discount?

YES! If a student participates in multiple programs (i.e. cheer/gymnastics, tumbling/gymnastics), he/she will receive a discount on the 2nd program. Some discounted classes or special programs are not eligible. Please see our office staff so they may assist you.

What if we want to drop a class?

Customers are required to notify us in writing by the 15th of the previous month if they will not be continuing the following month. This ensures we are able to offer another student a place in class. There are NO refunds or credits for dropping a class mid month. Once the month has commenced you are in class for the entire month, regardless of attendance, except for medical reasons. For medical situations validated by a written acknowledgement from a licensed medical professional you will be granted a credit. A doctor’s release is needed to return. In every case we care about you as a customer, should you decide to leave our program, please notify our office.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – for first time students

We offer the following guarantee because we believe we have the best children’s program in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

If within your family’s first four weeks of classes you are not entirely happy with our programs, we will happily refund 100% of your tuition for the session (or apply it as credit toward another Olympia program).

Note that our money-back guarantee is intended for families brand new to Olympia Gymnastic Training Centers

Are you closed for school holidays?

We are closed for the following holidays: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day. We are not closed for the more minor school holidays. Once again, if in doubt – please call!

Do you offer Birthday Parties?

YES! Olympia hosts birthday parties at all of our locations. Just contact one of our locations for availability and pricing.

Do you offer Field Trips?

YES! Olympia offers field trips to various groups (preschools, scouts, daycares). Just contact one of our locations for availability and pricing.

How do I know if you are closed for bad weather?

Class cancellation due to weather is determined by each location. Please ask your location for their inclement weather policies or see our Rules & Policies online. You can also check on our company Facebook Page for updates.