Competitive Teams

Competitive gymnastics is one of the most challenging and rewarding sports. The life lessons learned during a competitive gymnastics career are continuous and invaluable. Our philosophy for our team program is one of excellent basics, form, technique, conditioning, and flexibility. We believe that this strong foundation will lead to a safe, continual, and smooth progression from one skill to the next. The purpose of our competitive team system is to place athletes with similar goals together into training environments that will give them an exceptional competitive experience and opportunity to achieve their goals. With positive feedback and a focus on being “Good for Kids” we build confidence, a strong work ethic, and self-discipline.


Our Developmental Program is designed to allow young gymnasts, ages 5-7, to create a love of the sport and begin building a solid gymnastics foundation that will allow them future success in one of our competitive team programs. All of our locations have a Developmental Program.

USA Junior Olympics

We also offer competition in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic program. This program consists of competitive levels 2-10 and competes at USA Gymnastics sanctioned competitions. Our Junior Olympic Team Program will compete at USA Gymnastics State, Regional, and National competitions.

At Olympia, the Junior Olympic Team Program is available at our Chesterfield and Mid Rivers locations.


Olympia Gymnastics offers competition in the USA Gymnastics Xcel program. This program consists of levels Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The program is designed to offer a fun and exciting competitive gymnastics experience with a lower time and financial commitment. Competitions are both unsanctioned and sanctioned by USA Gymnastics and will be mostly local with an option for some travel competitions.

The Xcel Team Program is available at our EllisvilleFestusManchesterMid Rivers, Rock Hill, and Team Central locations.

Boy’s Team

Our boys team program is available at our Manchester location. 

Compulsory Levels
Levels 4 – 6 consist of our competitive compulsory levels which also build upon the skills required at the previous levels. The athletes at these levels compete at competitions including M.U.G meets.

Optional Levels
Levels 7 – 10 consists of our competitive optional levels. At level 7, the athletes have routines created for them that include certain required elements and compete at local and state levels. Level 8 has certain restrictions on skill difficulty and competition is at the local, state and regional levels. Level 9 & 10 have no skill difficulty restrictions and compete at the local, state, regional and national levels.

National Level Team

The National Level Team Program is a Junior Olympic competition team Team Central, a not-for-profit 501-C3 organization based in Maryland Heights. The National Team Program gives athletes an opportunity to be competitive nationally at the highest levels and many of our athletes go to compete in  NCAA Gymnastics. Our Olympia Developmental Program will annually place qualified athletes onto our National Level Team.