Olympia Gymnastics Spring Performance - SuperHeroes

Each spring at Olympia Gymnastics, students receive “TOP” scores as they perform their skills before a crowd of raving fans. Children shine, family and friends beam and coaches are filled with pride. The annual spring performance is a super confidence building event packed with fun.

The gym is transformed to reflect this year’s spectacular theme of journey to the 2018 Super Heroes. Children and staff wear specially designed t-shirts. Routines are created. The gala is underway. The performance starts off with a thrilling grand entrance followed by a hand clapping, foot stamping warm up routine. Students then brilliantly show off their stuff on several pieces of equipment. Lastly, each child receives a well deserved award and then it's time for pictures with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and any other special person you child invites to the show.

Applause is strongly encouraged. There are many “TADA” moments. It’s a performance you don’t want to miss! Your children work hard all year to learn the skills that they get to show off at this performance. We hope you will enjoy the show.

Keep an eye out for details from your location on the upcoming Spring Performance dates and times as well as t-shirt order deadlines.

Spring Performance T-shirt Order Form, deadline to order is March 24th

Spring Performance Dates
Manchester: Gymnastics May 7-12 | Ninja April 23-28
Mid Rivers: Gymnastics May 12-17 | Ninja May 19th
Chesterfield: April 21-27
Ellisville: Tumble Bees-May 19 & 20 | Girls-May 5 & 6 | Ninja May 12
Festus: Gymnastics May 14-17 | May 18
Rock Hill: May 19 & 20
Team Central: May 5 & 6 | Ninja: May 2 | Flipz: May 3